Paradise builds in small, limited quantities with the finest materials available. Stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process means that we're confident enough to back up our products with an industry leading three year warranty.

Sandwich Construction

Paradise manufactures skis and splitboards using the sandwich construction technique. In sandwich construction, materials with different properties are combined in layers to form a ski or snowboard. These materials are inserted into a mould and then bonded under heat and pressure in a press.

Sandwich construction utilizes more sidewall material than either a semi-cap or full-cap construction technique. That means optimal transmission of energy from the rider to the edges, guaranteeing maximum grip. The additional sidewall material protects the core from damage while the overall technique reduces the risk of a de-lamination.

Sandwich construction, while more costly and time-consuming than other methods, guarantees the most durable and long-lasting products on the market.

Carbon Fibre

We use carbon fibre in all our models. Lighter than fibreglass, metal or basalt, carbon fibre helps tune and strengthen the skis and splitboards while maintaining consistent flex throughout the life of the product. We add pre-cured carbon fibre for its optimized properties such as high fiber volumes, nearly zero void content, and locked-in filament alignment. Using this optimized strength-to-weight ratio material in all of our designs allows us to offer an extremely light and strong product lineup.

Thick 4001 Sintered Base

The DuraSurf 4001 Sintered Base material will stay fast through whatever you throw at it. Sintered bases hold wax better than traditional extruded bases and are the industry standard for performance and longevity. We wouldn't build with anything less.

Complete Edge Wrap

At Paradise, we wrap Rockwell 48 steel edges all the way around the skis. A complete wrap offers maximum tip and tail protection and greatly minimizes the risk of edge tear-out. The Rockwell 48 hardness rating means these steel edges are extremely tough, and you can be confident your edge will grip in any conditions.

UHMWPE Sidewalls 

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is used to protect your cores from side impact, add damping and stiffness, and effectively transfer power from rider to edges. UHMWPE is the extremely durable, and is the lightest sidewall material on the market. We build the sidewalls extra thick to reduce the chance of edge compression and minimize ski and splitboard chatter at high speeds or on hard snow.

PU Sidewalls

Polyurethane Sidewalls are the ultimate shock absorber. These sidewalls are designed to withstand impacts and absorb vibrations. PU is extremely flexible even in cold conditions. We add PU to models that are designed with resort skiing in mind to make for an extremely smooth-riding ski. Less vibrations and impact means fresher legs, more runs, and more fun! 

Anti-Ice Topsheets

We utilize the exceptionally durable material, polyamide, enhanced with non-toxic, sublimated graphics, in all our products. Paradise topsheets are designed to be impact resistant and shed ice and snow - all while maintaining crisp and bright graphics.

Triaxial Fibreglass 

We use a durable triaxial fibreglass laminate to fine-tune the flex of our skis and splitboards. Triaxial fibreglass adds twisting strength and longitudinal stiffness. In other words, it rides stiff enough to eliminate chatter in variable snow yet playful enough to keep the skis and snowboards popping turn-to-turn. 


Not all cores are created equally! We blend poplar, paulownia and bamboo in different ways on every model to ensure an optimal core for the task at hand.

Poplar is the most popular core in the ski industry for a reason; poplar grants the ski strength while keeping it feeling nimble. We vertically laminate the poplar beams to create a smooth, even flexing ski. Poplar is the only true hardwood in our skis and splitboards. Poplar works for Paradise because it's one of the fastest growing and most sustainable hardwoods in the world. 

Paulownia is exceptionally light in weight with very desirable qualities in terms of strength, flex and rebound. We laminate Paulownia at 45° to form the core foundation of our touring models. Paulownia is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, capable of growth rates of well over seven feet per year as a seedling. It’s one of the few commercial trees capable of self-regeneration, growing back in roughly eight years making it an extremely sustainable choice for core material.

Bamboo has some of the best stiffness characteristics and strength-to-weight ratios of any wood material on the planet, making it ideal for the abuses of backcountry riding. It is also rapidly renewable since cutting bamboo does not stop the plant from growing. We add bamboo to keep the cores light, playful and poppy without sacrificing strength.

Factory Tuned

Paradise skis and snowboards leave the factory smooth, sharp and ready to ride!