Why are you called Paradise Skis?

Many reasons! But we have 3 biggies:

  1. To the founders, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains is Paradise. Simple as that.
  2. Our local hill, the famous Lake Louise, features the amazing Paradise Chair!
  3. We love Hawaiian Shirt parties.

What model should I buy?

Give us a shout at 403.670.7283 or email us at info@paradiseskis.com.

We'd be happy to help!

Where should I mount my skis?

Check out our mounting page by clicking here.

Do you make women's skis and splitboards?

Paradise skis and splitboards are unisex.

We do not think of our gear as "women's" or "men's". The skis don't know your gender! When other companies refer to "women's" they are simply shrinking and pinking a unisex ski or splitboard. Choose the product and length that is best for your height, weight, and ability.

Do you sell bindings?

Not yet! This season we have been 100% focused on designing kick-ass skis and splitboards. We're looking to market our favorite bindings soon. In the meantime, we suggest supporting your local ski shops. If you'd like recommendations, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help!

What brake width should my ski bindings be?

A great brake width is about +/- 5 mm your ski width underfoot.

The maximum width to go up is +15 mm. Don't go less than -5 mm.

What type of binding should I put on my splitboard?

Paradise splitboards are set up to accommodate most splitboard and touring-style bindings as well as traditional snowboard bindings. For more information, check out our mounting page by clicking here.

Do I need to wax or sharpen my equipment before I ride?

Nope! Everything comes factory tuned, ready to go.

Where are you located?

We design everything out of a garage in Calgary, AB. 

I think Paradise is great! How can I help support a local business?

Thanks! We are really excited about growing our brand, and there are lots of ways to help show support. Spread the word about Paradise Skis to your friends and family, follow us on our social media channels and bring the good vibes every time you go out to the mountains!

Are you hiring?

We're are not currently hiring however we love to hear from like-minded enthusiasts. If you want to get involved with Paradise Skis, drop us a line at info@paradiseskis.com.