Paradise Skis was started by two passionate freeriders out of a very tiny house in Calgary, AB, the international gateway to the world-famous Rocky Mountains. For years, as roommates, two mechanical engineers named Cam & Adam bandied about the dream of creating skis and snowboards out of the garage. They had spent nearly every waking moment in University developing the skills and knowledge to create incredible skis - mocking up the 1st designs on a student license for 3D software. The boys spent the rest of their free time skiing and snowboarding resorts while developing themselves in the backcountry. They learned what separates a good ski from a bad ski by cycling through endless used models on a shoestring budget - in all manner of mountain conditions that only the Rockies can provide. By the time they graduated and were well into engineering careers, Cam & Adam were very aware of how Canada is home to the biggest mountains and the best ski culture in the entire world - but how the country lacked a brand that captured its unique alpine spirit.

Thankfully for the customers - they ditched the jobs and the rinky-dink garage, dusted off the 3D modelling software and found a proper factory to set up shop - Paradise Skis was born. 


Paradise Skis is committed to freeriding. We're about creating shapes that'll excel everywhere - from stomping cliffs to ripping corduroy, all the way to the endless powder of the backcountry. Find the construction and length that's right for you and ride it everywhere. Questions? Comments? Call us! That number on the home page goes straight to the cell phones of the founders - not a call center! Please be patient in potentially delayed response times on powder days ;)

We're a locally-owned company that was founded by bootstrapping every single cost. We aren't beholden to a single investor other than ourselves. That means we have absolute freedom in our products to be extremely durable and wickedly fun. Profit isn't the only thing that matters here. That's why you get an industry-leading three-year manufacturer warranty out of the box. Paradise Skis is committed to being a company we can take home to Mom & Dad and be proud of.

Before we release a ski or snowboard, we put each model through the wringer with a team of local athletes - from the social media guy to the lunatics bagging new backcountry peaks to the families of the employees. We get feedback from men, women, children and everyone in-between on how they ride. Skiing is for everyone. We're committed to building skis that are hoot-hollering fun for all ages and genders - nothing but height, weight and ability should influence the model you want to ride. Is it revolutionary? Kind of! We have no idea why skis and snowboard companies of the past have insisted on gendering everything. If it rides well for your body and you think it looks cool, go for it!

We're all about pop, fun and playfulness. Jib in and out of the trees on the same set of skis as your S.O. before ripping into the park to launch a booter. We'll let the boardroom ski companies of the world build the ultra-stiff metal skis that can only be properly utilized by 0.1% of the market - at Paradise, you should be enjoying every day in the mountains - no matter how tired your legs are.


We want to dominate the world - through skis and snowboards.

Stay tuned as we're in the lab every day cooking up some really special shapes, constructions and topsheets that'll be launching shortly. Look for us testing in the Bow Valley for a super sneak peek. We'll be releasing more lengths (shout-out to the kinda short and the really tall, we hear you), more widths and a snowboard that doesn't come apart in the middle! We've got more accessories and some mostly indestructible poles sharing space on the drawing board too.

In the long-term, we want Paradise to be synonymous with Canada and Canadian skiing all over the world. You can help! Going on an international trip? Going to Vancouver, Ontario or Quebec? Reach out to us so we can send you a sticker pack. Tag us everywhere you go - it means the world to us.

Thank you to the customers, athletes, partners, retailers, resorts and everyone else for the love and support we’ve received and continue to receive. We won’t let you down.