Ski Binding Mounting Recommendation Model

Model Mounting Point*
Blue 176 80.5 CM
Blue 184 84.5 CM
Red 167 77.0 CM
Red 174 81.5 CM
Red 181 86.0 Cm

*All mounting points are measured with a straight tape pull from the tail.

Variations from manufacturers recommended mounting points are possible depending on your skiing ability, style, and personal preference. Please consult your local ski shop.

Drill all skis using a 3.5 mm x 9 mm bit.

Splitboard Binding Mounting Recommendations 

Our splitboards are set up to accommodate most splitboard and alpine touring bindings, as well as traditional snowboard bindings. For traditional snowboard bindings, simply set your desired stance using the existing inserts, angle your bindings to suit, and you are set! Most traditional bindings can be mounted and adjusted at home using a simple screwdriver or built in tool-less adjustments.

As there are many variations of splitboard bindings which are compatible, we recommend utilizing manufacturers instruction manuals to assist in binding mounting. Depending on which model of splitboard binding you choose, they will usually include an interface kit to mount onto the existing splitboard inserts. Most interface kits will include a touring bracket, climbing heel mounts and a set of riding plates. If you have any questions regarding binding compatibility, feel free to contact us!