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A lady cruising through powder on a resort ski run. She is using the Paradise Red Skis.


Whether it's laps in the resort, hitting backcountry objectives or starting up the aprés - we all love skiing and believe that real paradise can be found in the mountains. We are a small - dynamic crew of like-minded folks who truly care for what we do. We appreciate partnering with other locals for events/collaborations and are always open to new ideas from customers. If you see us on the hill, please don't hesitate to stop and say hi!

Cameron Brodrick, co-founder of Paradise Skis Inc, taking a pair of skins off his Blue Skis.


Cam loves to sail, hike, swim, run, bike, and travel. Cam will try any activity, as long as he isn't sitting still. When the snow in the mountains is mediocre you can find Cam in the Prairies, flying around attached to his kite and snowboard.

Cameron Brodrick

Adam Wasyliw, co-founder of Paradise Skis Inc. walking through a resort parking lot with his Paradise Blue Skis in hand.


Adam is a talented cook who loves brewing his own beer. He plays Dungeons & Dragons or watches Formula 1 when he's not exploring the Rocky Mountain wilderness on his skis or mountain bike.

Adam Wasyliw

Ethan Shaheen, in charge of sales and marketing for Paradise Skis Inc, standing in the mountains on a hike.


Ethan is a Saskatchewan native who’s had enough of living on the flatlands and now seeks every opportunity available to get out and explore the mountains. During winter you can catch Ethan trying to find the best powder around Alberta.  Let the good times roll.

Ethan Shaheen

Christian Stronach, in charge of events and social media at Paradise Skis Inc, sitting in the mountains.


Christian is a born and bred Albertan with a passion for snowboarding. He has shredded his way across the world - from the Swiss Alps to the Pacific Northwest - with appearances in the World Cup, the Junior World Championships and the Canada Winter Games.

Christian Stronach