Pro Deals

Being a pro with Paradise Skis isn't about being the best rider on the mountain. It is a sociable community of mountain and outdoor enthusiasts who bring the stoke and good vibes every single day they are out on the hill. Whether it's leading the charge down a fresh line or buying a round in the beer garden; you're someone who creates a personal Paradise wherever they are.

Are you a yahoo who wears the same bright neon costume on the hill as they do to the party in town? Paradise stands with the GNAR day's of the world and the people who attend them. We're the lunatics who go skijoring and kite skiing on the prairies when the snow sucks in the mountains. We're weekend warriors who'll work all week and still hit that 5 AM alarm to get deep into the backcountry on a Saturday.

The folks that ride Paradise rely on our premium products to excel in their play, day-in and day-out. Whether you're shredding with friends, instructing newbies, patrolling the slopes, or guiding a tour; we are proud you choose to represent Paradise Skis on the mountain.


Industry Professionals

We're happy to support:

- Ski Instructors

- Mountain Guides
- Resort Patrols
- Team Coaches
- Search & Rescue
- Outdoor Professionals

Thanks for living the dream every day doing what you do. Get in touch with your credentials via email to and we'll hook you up! Credentials can include a pay-stub, employee I.D, letter from boss, etc.

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Are you a local influencer who wants to rep Paradise? Drop as a note at and let's chat about our ambassador program!

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