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Resort Ski Trip Essentials

by Ethan Shaheen November 26, 2021 3 min read

Ski Trip Essentials for a resort

What to pack on your Rocky Mountain resort ski trip

So you have been waiting all season and it is finally time for you to hit the mountains! Despite growing up in the harsh Canadian winter, I didn't live near mountains. Being from Saskatchewan, quick day-ski trips were never an option. When you're driving 900km from Moose Jaw to Lake Louise, you need to make the trip worthwhile. This includes packing right and not having to make any expensive emergency purchases once you’re on the way! When packing up for a resort ski trip, here’s what I bring: 

In The Car 

  • Winter Tires: PLEASE do not be the person trying to make it up a mountain with summer tires. If you don’t have winter tires, take a friend's car.
  • Emergency Survival Kit: Keep one of these in your car, in a Canadian winter you don't want to be without any life-saving gear. Here’s a great video on what to put in your kit.
  • Shovel: getting stuck isn't so bad when you can dig yourself out. Lift Tickets: I recommend buying before you get to the mountain.
  • Water/Food: you don't want to get stuck on the highway without it. Bonus points for a thermos with a warm drink.
  • Winter Boots: not ski boots, legitimate winter boots

On The Mountain

Outer Ski Wear: 

    • Ski Jacket (shell): get a solid windproof shell, water resistance is great too. 
    • Ski Pants: again waterproof, I also usually just get a shell.
    • Insulation Layer: I recommend a down puffy.
    • Mid-layer: I'm a huge fan of wool or fleece (go to your local Winners and you’ll be able to find 100% wool sweaters for very cheap).
    • Balaclava/Air Hood: keeps you warm and works as a COVID mask.

    Base Layers: 

      • Long johns: don't get frozen legs, I recommend bringing multiple pairs made from different materials (light synthetic for warm days and a heavier version for the cold days).
      • Tops: same as above, bring different options. 

    Gear (linked to the gear I use): 


        • Toque: bring one for on the mountain and one for off. 
        • MITTS: Mitts, not gloves. I always bring at least two pairs - again, wet gear is your enemy. 
        • Hand/Toe Warmers: it's better to bring them and not need them than want them and not have them.
        • Snacks: resort food can be expensive, pack a lunch or even just some snacks if you want to save some money. 
        • COVID Mask: all resorts in Canada have mandatory masks in some areas. 

        Off The Mountain: 

        • Clothing: Nothing like some good drinks and a fun night in a ski town, bring some nice clothes for the nightlife - if you're out in a real mountain town, this isn't a fashion show. A swimsuit and comfy nightwear are also necessities.
        • Personal Items
          • Phone charger
          • Toiletries 
          • Camera
          • Etc.  
        • Sunglasses: needed for driving - even better for patio beers.
        • Sunscreen: on a bright sunny day, throw some on exposed skin to prevent sunburn. 

        The last thing, make sure to pack a smile and a full-send attitude! If this is your only ski trip of the season, live it up to its fullest! What did I miss? Leave a comment with your must-have items!

        Ski Trip Kit


        Ethan Shaheen
        Ethan Shaheen

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