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  • Don't Wait For The Weather - Skiing In A Poor Snow Season

    May 17, 2024 2 min read

    Don't Wait For The Weather - Skiing In A Poor Snow Season

    Making The Most Of A Poor Snowfall Ski Season

    Written by Nate Gerwing 

    As a skier in an area renowned for its ‘champagne powder’, the low snowfall of the last couple of seasons was challenging. The motivation to get out and spend the day in the mountains for me is much less when the conditions aren’t perfect. This season I worked on changing what motivates me to go skiing, and rediscovered the joy of skiing and spending time outdoors. Adapting expectations, exploring new terrain, taking lessons after years of self-taught skiing, and trying park skiing during a lack of snow have helped me make the most out of a season that is “less than perfect”.

    Take Time To Learn New Techniques 

    Adapting my expectations has allowed me to focus more on refining my technique and skills rather than relying solely on deep powder days. Embracing these opportunities for improvement has made me a better skier overall, and the skills have transferred over to those deep days, and they are that much better. After almost 10 years of self-taught skiing, I finally took the plunge and got professional instruction. This has helped me refine my technique and provided valuable insights into handling various snow conditions. Pro tips on body positioning, balance, and edge control made a significant difference in my overall enjoyment of skiing and gives me something to work on when it’s not a blower pow day.

    Park Skiing

    Park skiing is another style that I've found enjoyable during times when conditions aren’t the best. Practicing jumps, boxes, and other features while improving my overall skills has not only made me a more versatile skier but also provided additional enjoyment on days that I might have gone home early otherwise. Additionally, low snow levels often reveal previously hidden terrain that can be just as exciting as fresh powder. Taking advantage of this opportunity to challenge myself with different skiing conditions and discover new side hits or less smoothed-out terrain has been incredibly enjoyable.

    Skiing Is Fun - No Matter The Conditions 

    Making the most out of any ski season requires committing to being outside first, and worrying about the conditions last.  By doing so, I've found an enjoyment that comes from a combination of skill development, personal challenge, and appreciation for the beauty of winter, regardless of how many rocks are sticking out of the ground.

    They don’t call it ‘The Rockies’ for nothing.


    About Nate 

    Nate currently lives in the Bow Valley, and can be found on either very fat or very skinny skis on resort or off. He grew up in Edmonton and spent 13 years competing full time in biathlon. Nate now works at Banff Sunshine Villagein the Information Technology department, and also coaches biathlon.

    Follow Nate on Instagram @nategerwing

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