The ticket to all-mountain NIRVANA in the backcountry!

The Green Splitboard caters to the backcountry rider who wants to enjoy the uphill as much as the downhill.  This all-mountain, directional twin will make you feel at home in any conditions. A cutting-edge, lightweight core combination of poplar, paulownia and bamboo puts the best materials in all the right places for optimal flex and durability. Pre-cured carbon runs from tip to tail for lightweight strength and dampening while triaxial fibreglass completes the layup for torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness.  

Hercules Hooks, the latest innovation from Phantom, are included with every board. Charge up the hill in ski mode, hook it together using the Hercules Hooks, slap on your favorite bindings, and rip down! They create a strong and reliable connection between board halves, allowing you to SEND IT in the backcountry! 

Stainless steel inserts give you the option for split and regular bindings, with touring and tip/tail +2x center hook clip inserts. The Green Splitboard comes hot off the press with a full factory tune and is backed by our three year warranty so you can shred with confidence. Find your Paradise with the Green Splitboard.

D: 300-255-300 mm 

R: 8.5 m

W: 3175g, 3265g