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Calgary Ski Clubs

by Ethan Shaheen December 08, 2021 4 min read

Calgary Ski Clubs

Calgary Ski Clubs

New to Calgary and looking for some friendly skiers? Need help improving your skills? Maybe you want to go on rad ski trips? There's a ski club for every age and skill set out there. Here are some of the best clubs & organizations in Calgary.

Stampede City Ski Club

The Stampede City Ski Club (SCSC) was started in 1969 and is focused on carving moments into friendships! The club is open to adult skiers of any level. SCSC offers all-season day & overnight trips as well as monthly socials! Benefits of membership include value-packed overnight trips, discounted resort cards, free bus trips, sponsor discounts (including Paradise), and monthly events.

1,700 Meetup Members Strong with over 650 events over the past five years! There's a lot planned for the upcoming 2021/22 season, you can check out their events here. This crew skis hard but focuses on enjoying the moment and having a great time with fellow skiers & snowboarders! 

Yearly memberships are only $40. 

Après Society

A brand new club that only launched this year and is focused on being a community ski/board group that welcomes EVERYONE, REGARDLESS of ski level, from never tried it to professional. Après seeks to foster a community that welcomes EVERYONE who loves to ski & snowboard.

The club founder heard from many skiers & snowboarders that they felt disconnected & lonely after graduation. Après was created as a community to help bring all skiers & snowboarders together (regardless if they were part of a campus ski club). 

Après often plans day trips, multi-day trips, or even weeknight skiing at COP. There is a lot this group can offer off the slopes: food & beverage deals, ski shop discounts/deals, lower rates for accommodation in ski towns, a 15% discount on Paradise Skis (wink wink), and more! Après is also a member of the North American Association of Ski & Snowboard Clubs (NAASSC). Follow Après on Instagram to be kept up to date with events, giveaways, and awesome ski content!

Yearly Membership Price: $20; there is a holiday promo currently on, buy two memberships for $30! 

Alpine Club of Canada

The Alpine Club of Canada has 25 local sections across Canada from Newfoundland and Labrador to Vancouver Island and the Yukon. They're passionate about climbing, hiking and skiing in alpine environments for over 100 years. Everyone is welcome.

This organization is an amazing tool if you're a multi-sport mountain athlete who's looking to find other like-minded people or improve your skills! ACC offers courses, social events, training programs, and more. The courses and programs they offer teach you safety and knowledge that will ensure you can develop in your mountain sport of choice. If you're looking to get into backcountry skiing, this is the club to join. 

Memberships begin at $26 for Youth, $38 for adults and $58 for families.

The Calgary Section website can be found here

Calgary Ski Club

Started in 1920 by some Scandinavian ski jumpers in Elbow Park, the Calgary Ski Club is the oldest outdoor rec club in the city! Their mission is to promote the joy of skiing and other directly related sports, in all their diversity and to foster fellowship, healthy living and adventure year-round among recreational skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Calgary Ski Club is an all-season, all ages, all skill level recreational club for folks who want to enjoy year-round outdoor activities.  

Members receive benefits such as great prices on organized trips, outdoor programs/activities, discount cards for ski areas and social events: pub nights, dining out and others. There are many opportunities to get together and have fun in the city. 

You can find the Calgary Ski Club event calendar here.

An adult yearly membership costs $50 (senior and family options are available).

Seniors Alpine Ski Club

The Seniors Alpine Ski Club is a meeting ground for members 55+ to share their love of downhill skiing in the Canadian Rockies and beyond. 

The Club offers affordable prices for ski tours at locations with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Also offered are ski days, ski improvement programs, carpooling, and social functions that include monthly dinners and semi-annual dinner/dances as well as an annual summer barbecue and the Jack De Lorme Golf Day.

The non-profit Seniors Alpine Ski Club has 448 members who have varying levels of skiing ability but lots of enthusiasm. By taking advantage of organized multi-day tours and local ski days, new members readily meet others with whom to share their skiing enjoyment.

While most Club members reside in Calgary and the area, membership is open worldwide. The annual fee of $20.00 has been waived for anyone joining before 1 January 2022

Check out their events as they plan them here

North American Association of Ski & Snowboard Clubs (NAASSC) 

Not located in Calgary & looking for a ski club? Check out NAASSC, they have an awesome club finder tool that shows you which clubs are in your area! 

Ethan Shaheen
Ethan Shaheen

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