Red Ski vs. Blue Ski

What’s the difference between the RED and BLUE ski?

We’ve got this question A LOT at Paradise Skis since we launched.
Here’s the short answer: 
RED = Resort
BLUE = Backcountry
That’s it!  Need a few more details to make up your mind? Read on… 

Paradise Skis // Lineup

Paradise Skis launched out of  a Calgary house in 2020. From the onset, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to launch several specialized ski lineups like those the big ski corps pump out annually. Paradise HAD to distill skiing down to the most versatile concepts that would be at home shredding everything the Rocky Mountains could throw at them. This goal was the genesis for the Red Ski.

Through extensive research and development, we landed on a ski with a 100 mm waist, complete with enough tip/tail rocker to float up on champagne powder. We included 4 mm of camber to energize the ski in variable conditions and pop from turn-to-turn. We ran with the concept and constructed a lightweight yet durable ski out of poplar and paulownia. To help tune and strengthen the ski we included carbon fibre stringers from tip to tail. To keep it damp in chop and take advantage of the energetic shape we added a vibration-absorbing PU sidewall and wrapped it all around the ski.  The end result was the Red Ski, the MOST versatile ski in the Rockies. It excels on virtually any day on the slopes whether you’re throwing airs while freeriding, ripping corduroy or surfing powder. 

If you’re looking for a ski to take all over the resort but light enough to walk uphill, the Red Ski is for you. 

Paradise Skis // Red Ski Customer

When the pandemic hit, it created a massive boom in the backcountry as people clamoured to get outdoors. We had the Red ski design nearly polished and quickly realized we needed to create its ultra-light sister, the Blue Ski. As much as we wish it was, backcountry skiing in Canada isn’t always champagne powder. Oftentimes we’re riding variable early and late season conditions that run through high trafficked areas. It was important for us to build a ski that could handle the best and worst days. With these goals in mind, we conceived the Blue Ski. 

The design started by modifying the shape of the Red. An expanded waist and early rise tips to let the Blue Ski surf on top of bottomless backcountry pow. Then we put the ski on a diet. We designed the core using ultra-light paulownia wood that was complimented by proprietary integrated vertical aluminum strips to keep the ski damp. A full carbon fibre layup and UHMW sidewalls continued to lighten the ski without sacrificing energy. Like the Red Ski, we wrapped the edge and sidewall all around the ski for durability and to keep the tips from bouncing around on the hardpack. We finished the ski with an anti-ice topsheet so it stayed light climbing the uptrack. The end result was the Blue ski, the backcountry SUPERWEAPON from Paradise Skis, the only backcountry ski you’ll need in your quiver. 

Still have questions? Give us a call at 403.670.7283. Seriously! We love to chat skis. 

Paradise Skis // Blue Surprise