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Ultimate Q&A

Ultimate Q&A

Paradise Skis is rounding out a successful 2020/2021 season. Over the last several months we have had the opportunity to meet a ton of new faces on the hill and in town. Last week, I created an Instagram story to give our followers the chance to ask some questions. Between our in-person conversations and Instagram answers, I've generated a list of some of the most asked questions you won't find on the FAQ page.

You can find all the picture/video answers and more on our Instagram page.

  1. How did Paradise start?
    The brand started when Cameron and Adam decided to pursue a crazy dream of creating a ski company. They both have engineering backgrounds and have been shredding since they could walk. Designing in the industry had always been a goal of theirs and what better way to do it than making your own skis and splits!
  2. How did you decide on the lineup for Year 1?
    Knowing we'd be having a small launch, it was important to us that the lineup for Year 1 would shred in any conditions. That meant all-mountain shapes and builds across the Red, Blue and Green. Plus, we're backcountry nuts and foresaw a big bump in touring during the pandemic and as such dedicated 2/3 of the lineup to the up-track.
  3. Do you think you'll make twin tips one day?
    They are definitely part of our long term vision for the brand!
  4. Where are you based out of?
    We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
  5. Do you sell women's skis?
    All of our skis and boards are unisex - they are designed to be fun for everyone! We do not design our gear to be "women's" or "men's". The skis don't know your gender! Select your gear based on height, weight and skill level.
  6. What is your favourite part of working with/at the company?
    I love that the company is gender neutral - by having skis that are based on feel, height/weight and skill rather than on gender. Its a fairly new initiative in the ski industry I'm stoked to be a part of. Being part of a company that is making an effort to be inclusive has been very important for me. I also love being part of a local company that is based out of the city I grew up in.

We want to thank everyone for submitting their questions and your support this season!


Stay tuned for more Q&As in the future...


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