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    October 31, 2023 4 min read

    Paradise VICE 113 - Ski Canada Magazine 2023 Ski Testers' Choice Award Winner

    After rigorous testing, Ski Canada Magazine gave our VICE 113 the 2023 Ski Testers' Choice Award for the best ski in the powder category! As people who grew up reading Ski Canada Mag, we always thought it would be cool to just have a ski in the mag... little yet be given an award! Read the review below and be sure to pick up a copy of the Ski Canada 2024 Buyers Guide to find some more great gear. 



    180 & 190 


    140-113-125 @ 180


    21m @ 180


    Big, powerful skiers looking for a poppy powder ski. 


    Vokl Blaze 114, Line Vision 118, K2 Mindbender 116C


    The word fun sums up feedback on the widest ski in Calgary-based Paradise's lineup. The Vice 113 has a poplar-and-bamboo wood core, carbon fibre sheers, and polyurethane side walls. It has a fairly lightweight build and a stiff flex. Lighter skiers had to pick up speed to bend these boards, while heavier and stronger skiers found them turny and nimble. The ski was easy to weave through the bumps, and on soft groomers it edged like a much narrower ski. "Quick, maneuverable and bomb-proof," said Zak Norman. At Backcountry Snowcats, the more energy testers put into the ski, the more it came alive. Steve Draper was sold: "For a fat ski it has it all," he said. "Ski of the day."




    That's a review from professional skiers, let's take a look at what our customers have been saying. 


    Jessie wrote: 

    Just finished my first season with these skis. I bought them as a powder ski but I ended up using them all the time!

    They actually worked really well on groomers and hard pack which surprised me. They absolutely crushed powders and big mountain terrain - I've never felt more comfortable hitting drops! 10/10

    P.S. The graphics are super nice! Everyone asks about them.


    Beezell said: 

    I bought the Pink/purple 113s, they are hands down the best skis I've ever skied. Actually bought the demo ski on demo day at Castle. I own a few pairs of Bent Chentler's and those ski are amazing. But these have quite a bit more control and are noticeably lighter than an already light Bents. I'd recommend these skis if you are looking for something to butter on rollers. Play around in the park, powder, or even an everyday rider. If you are looking at the wider 113s, they are fantastic in powder. Easy to put on edge when carving through trees. And I've yet to find their top speed of them, being 124km/h.

    Who would I recommend these skis to? Definitely a more advanced skier as mentioned in the video. But someone just looking for an all in one ski. I can take these skis and feel confident in any condition. Then when id bring 2 pairs up. Either a wide 120 and 100. Or 100 and 80s depending on weather..


    Addison R. commented: 

    The phrase 'playful charger' gets thrown around a lot these days when describing skis. This is definitely one of them. That much was for certain within the first couple of runs on demo day, and my reluctance to part with them meant that I was driving home with more skis than I started with.

    The Vice 113 rewards good form and aggression with impressive stability and versatility. That softer tip that helps dampen chop and plane up in powder immediately ramps up in stiffness to become a solid foundation that creates the confidence you need to get down that janky line you were having second thoughts about before you dropped in. Stay on top of the skis and they will respond quick and intuitive and shift from a deep carve to a skid and pivot when you need them to. Spend too much time in the backseat, however, and you'll be going for a ride: That tail is no slouch, and will make you a better skier because of it.

    Conditions weren't the best when I could bring these out, but the surprising edge hold for a ski this wide meant that if the snow was on still soft side I didn't have to worry. The low camber and stiffness keeps the ski grounded when you're digging into steep chalky hardpack, while offering just enough pop to dig high-angle trenches down your favorite groomer back to the chairlift. The faster you go, the more fun they are.

    It's overall a excellent addition to any Rocky Mountain quiver. Just remember that you're in Paradise, but not on vacation!


    Jordan mentioned: 

    Can’t help but love the looks of these catchy, 80’s vibe, new technology skis! I get a ton of compliments that’s for sure! Perfect shape and turning radius. They ski best in powder, but will also ski crud and corduroy quite well. Super solid when going fast. Built strong and can to take a beating from all the elements. Can’t wait to see next year‘s graphics. This is my kind of ski.


    Ski Canada Magazine 2023 Testers' Choice Award - Paradise VICE 113

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